Over the weekend HBO premiered the movie that many of us had been waiting for, The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks. In my opinion the movie should have been released many years ago, this kind of history should be taught in school as a part of Black History, Medical History, American History and world history seeing as how she did help everyone across the globe.

My ten year old son said “So basically she was a God, right?” My response was “Well son, yes! Yes she was a God if you believe that a God is someone who can heal others and is immortal.” Really think about it, when people speak of God so many elaborate really imaginative stories have been told, shit that is really hard to believe, however millions upon millions of people believe it without proof. Here we are with a true living, immortal God as my son would say and HER story is not praised and talked about, ironic right? I thought so. Oddly enough the movie made me think about all of the young African American kids that have gone missing, the talks about organ stealing and why the media has swept the majority of these missing kids under the rug. When they do talk about missing kids sex trafficking is the first idea that’s mentioned because no one wants to discuss what’s really going on, which is the disappearance and killing of Black youth all over the country for their organs! WE in the BLACK community are concerned that there are Henrietta Lacks all over this country that we know nothing about.

Let me expound on that, Lacks was alive when they did the biopsy and discovered she was “God”, what if after all these years the medical industry MUST now seek a new Henrietta? What if they NEED to find more immortal cells and the only way for them to achieve this is by TAKING what they need? Why are some of our African American youth being found with their organs removed? The entire movie was something deeper to me and now that it has been released it’s even more frightening, it’s like we are being shown what the fuck is and has been going on for years and we just have to deal with it. It’s like the movie Get Out where the audience was actually presented with an idea that I believe people of color have lived with since arriving here, that “sunken place.” White people KNOW they have been fucking us over since they laid eyes on us. Physically, sexually and most importantly mentally abusing us, keeping us “Sunken” so that we cannot be great at the same time using us so they can.

I’m sorry, I know this was supposed to be about the movie, but I couldn’t do it. It’s about the ongoing chattel abuse that has and continues to be inflicted upon people of color.

Maybe I will write about the movie next week, I said maybe.