I know this topic has been discussed over and over, but it hasn’t been discussed by me so it’s my turn. Now I do not believe that I have ever flown on United Airlines and I probably never will, UNLESS they are selling flights to Fiji for $1 and they are willing to accept 100 pennies as my payment, then and only then will I consider sitting my black ass in one of those seats. Speaking of my black ass, why was everyone surprised that the doctor was dragged (I am not talking like black twitter dragged either, lol) off the plane? I mean he IS a person of color, Right? I think he and all of the other surprised people forgot about that, however I did not.

See when you come to these United States of America and have the “complexion for protection..”(Thanks Sir Paul Mooney), sometimes you forget where you come from, but never fear this country will ALWAYS and I mean always find a way to remind you. For many, many years we have all watched people of color get treated the way Dr. David Dao was treated on the plane and they stood by and did nothing. There was an incident on United Airlines about a year ago that involved a black woman who was forcefully removed from the plane, we didn’t hear shit about that, why? Because no one cared about the black woman being dragged, I’m pretty sure the other passengers on the plane chalked it up to her having “Angry black woman syndrome”, you know talking back to the stewardess, pleading her case as to why she should not be removed from the plane just as Dr. Dao did, the only difference is she was not a doctor and she did NOT have the complexion for protection.

I feel bad for Dr. Dao not only because he was physically assaulted, but more so because he actually thought his degree and M.D. status made him White. Let’s be fucking real here HE HAD ABSOLUTELY NO THOUGHT IN HIS ASSIMILATED MIND that his ass would be treated in such a way on that plane or anywhere else. He fell for the okie doke or as I often say, he played himself, lol. In the Amerikkka that we live in anyone is subject to that kind of treatment yet only a select few stories will ever make it to the news, unfortunately many of those stories will not show any kind of justice for my black people and that’s my main concern.

The good thing that came out of this situation, well there are a few good things that have come to surface

  1. Now we know how United Airlines REALLY FEELS about their customers.
  2. Asians now know they are no different from black and brown people.
  3. We can all scroll our asses right past United Airlines when we are shopping for flights online and Google flights provides us with all of our airline options.
  4. Black people now have an example of someone besides ourselves who’s past has been mentioned to make them seem as if they are a seedy criminal trying to play victim. Did you all see that? They actually brought up his priors, that shit went away EXTRA QUICK so quick that I can’t even remember what they were without doing some searching. If he were a black doctor who made any bad decisions in his past, that shit would still be on TV between the Ohio shooter and Trump.

So in my eyes, Dr, Dao is really going to be the one who wins in the end. Although he may have gotten sucker punched, dragged and had his experience turn into a public spectacle, the settlement that he will receive is going to be enough for his grandchildren to retire before they are even born and he will NOT have to fight hard for it. I wonder if he will continue to work after United Airlines cuts the check? Remember, this entire fiasco started because he needed to get back to see his patients. Will he even remember what a patient is once he sees all of those zero’s behind whatever that front number is going to be? If that were me, I would wake up on check day with selective amnesia, only forgetting everything that I learned in medical school, grab my check and pump!