Heeeeeey, welcome to Ereena’s Driving Chronicles. I am excited that you are here. I hope we will be able to engage each other in my safe space.

This Is Me

Let me first say FINALLY I AM STARTING THIS BLOG! I had to say it because I have been attempting to start my blog for years now. I’m not sure, why I did not start it years ago, nah I’m bullshitting, I know why, FEAR. Fear is a funny thing, it will cause force you to stay in the same shitty ass situation your entire life although you tell yourself everyday that you want better. I allowed fear to get the best of me, I was thinking too much about shit not working out the way I planned it so I just sat the blog to the side for two years and distracted myself with other shit.

Anyway, now that you know why I did not start my blog, let me tell you why I am doing it now, BECAUSE I FUCKING WANT TO! LOL, but seriously I have so much going on in my head, so many opinions about shit that goes on in everyday life that I would like to discuss but I don’t want to write long ass post on Facebook about, plus I need a space for my own thoughts where I can share the stories that I tell myself when I am driving to and from work, hence the name Driving Chronicles.

I like many other people do most of my thinking in my car. I think about the weirdest shit, make up the craziest stories and recite them to myself while driving. It’s something I have been doing for years now and ONLY in my car. Once I reach my destination the story ends in my head for however long I am out of my vehicle. Once I get back in, turn on my music and start driving the story continues, it’s like a live a completely separate life in my car.

A bit about my car, it is a black 2005 BMW X5, it’s name is Black Stallion and I LOVE IT! As of lately it has not been treating me right, however I still allow it to take me where I need to go because I do not want to get rid of it. If I could have a new motor put in the car and keep the body I definitely would, it’s such a masculine design and it makes me feel safe. People ask me all the time about getting the new X5 but I refuse to because they are too feminine for me. I like my car the same way I like my man, BIG, BLACK and STURDY! I need to feel like I am sitting on something masculine and the new X5 just doesn’t for me, I’m not trying to feel like I am sitting on a woman’s lap no shade.

I am invited you into my mind, in my passenger seat. I hope you enjoy the ride.